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Lila Colleti is divorcing her husband and is devastated when he wins custody of their two little girls, whom he gets largely because Lila's job, being a psychiatrist for the criminally insane at the local prison, is a potentially dangerous one that forces her to keep long, erratic hours.

When one of Lila's patients, Ed Baikman, is released into a half-way house, he decides under the delusional influence of his psychosis to help her out by murdering her ex-husband and his girlfriend, and then threatening to tell the cops they'd planned it together when she refuses to become romantically involved with him. Though Lila's lover, police detective Macy Kobacek, stands by her loyally, Baikman does such an ingenious job of implicating Lila in the crime that even Macy begins to have his doubts about Lila's innocence.

Borderline personality disorder

Written by Kyle Reese. Gina Gershon stars in Borderline where she plays a psychiatrist who works with the criminally insane, making decisions on parole issues as to whether these folks can function in society. She's got just the background for it having some childhood issues herself. For that reason alone I can't see how she would get a license in the profession.

Still that is the premise and add to it she's going through a bitter custodial battle for her two daughters which she loses. But as was said in the classic Casino, she got an out of court settlement when her ex-husband and his girlfriend wind up murdered. Who did it, any number of her patients with whom she's so popular could have. They all like her because she has a big say on when they might get sprung.

Borderline Personality Disorder Facts and Statistics

Looking the best for it is Sean Patrick Flannery who has some transference issues as he has fallen for his therapist big time. The cops are losing their professionalism too. The lead detective on the case Michael Biehn has fallen for Gershon and they're kanoodling hot and heavy. But for that he might have arrested her. Borderline is a rather far-fetched tale that really never gets off the ground. It's with some rather far-fetched material for a plot that our players do their best with. Start your free trial.

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Official Sites. Company Credits. For each disorder, the DSM provides a list of symptoms and specifies how many symptoms are needed and how severe the symptoms must be to warrant a particular diagnosis. BPD is a pervasive pattern of instability in interpersonal relationships, self-image, and emotion, as well as marked impulsivity beginning by early adulthood and present in a variety of contexts, as indicated by five or more of the following:. The symptom criteria were established based on the best research available.

What is borderline personality disorder (BPD)?

However, it is important to keep in mind that the symptom criteria may be refined as new research comes out. There are a number of psychological disorders and medical problems that can cause symptoms very similar to those associated with BPD. A complete assessment for BPD may include several components. Your therapist or doctor may ask you to participate in an interview, during which they will ask you questions about your symptoms, physical health, and past and present life situation. He or she may also ask you to fill out a written questionnaire about BPD symptoms.

Finally, if you are willing, your clinician may ask to talk to family or loved ones to get complete information on the ways that your symptoms are affecting you. At the end of the assessment process, your clinician will compile all of the information and make a diagnosis. Then, they will speak with you at length about the diagnosis and treatment options. If you think you may have BPD, the first step is to find a mental health professional.

While they can be hard to find, there are clinicians who are specially trained to treat BPD and answer your questions.

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Get our printable guide to help you ask the right questions at your next doctor's appointment. If you have health insurance, you may want to talk to the insurance company about clinicians who take your insurance and who have expertise in BPD you should also ask how many sessions would be covered and how much the co-pay would be.

However, scientists generally agree that genetic and environmental influences are likely to be involved.

Certain events during childhood may also play a role in the development of the disorder, such as those involving emotional, physical and sexual abuse. Loss, neglect and bullying may also contribute. The current theory is that some people are more likely to develop BPD due to their biology or genetics and harmful childhood experiences can further increase the risk. Research has shown that outcomes can be quite good for people with BPD, particularly if they are engaged in treatment. With specialized therapy, most people with borderline personality disorder find their symptoms are reduced and their lives are improved.

BPD OVERVIEW | National Education Alliance for Borderline Personality Disorder

Although not all the symptoms may ease, there is often a major decrease in problem behaviors and suffering. Under stress, some symptoms may come back. When this happens, people with BPD should return to therapy and other kinds of support.