China and the Global Political Economy

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A deal of this kind would have been unimaginable just a few years ago; however the economic downturn has if anything facilitated the attempts by Chinese companies to enter western markets. Since the post second world war Bretton Woods agreement, which cemented dollars ascendancy over sterling, The United States has enjoyed the privilege of borrowing cheaply from the rest of the world as governments banked on the dollar being a safe bet.

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The dominance of the American economy made the Dollar become the hegemonic currency of the world as virtually everyone traded with America, so it made sense to use their currency. In the U.

Transformation and Development: The Political Economy of Transition in India and China

These are alarming figures and ones that the Chinese Government has not failed to notice. Persistent external debt is said to have eventually led to depreciation of the dollar thus causing havoc in the international monetary and trading system. Developing nations such as China, Brazil and India have weathered the economic storm significantly better and are thus in a position to share decision-making with the old powers.

These allegations have of course been denied since. These allegations, together with the reduced prospects of prosperity for the United States has led to speculations of a s style international monetary system with four or five global currencies as regional anchors; with the Yuan, Rupee, Euro, Real and the Dollar as the first amongst equals but not a hegemon.

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However, throughout the boom years, China was lending America the money which allowed it to run such a large trade deficit. Furthermore, it is also important to remember that although China has been very successful on reducing poverty which fell from million in to 29 million in , a dramatic shift from Therefore, China might be interested on financing the U.

From Engagement to Contention: China in the Global Political Economy | SAM

Furthermore, despite the clear proliferation of red flags, the dollar remains relatively attractive as it enjoys political stability, a dynamic economy and deep financial markets and institutions; whilst competitor currencies such as the Yuan and Yen are plagued by political rivalry in Asia along with internal unrest which could develop within China.

Massive US debt, unprecedented Current account imbalances and the current distinct Geopolitical setting have caused the dollar to drift towards unchartered waters.

How China became a superpower: 40 years of economic reform - DW News

Moreover, as the Dollar is used less across the world, the U. The fall of the US Dollar as the primary currency of financial markets would result in increased market scrutiny of American macroeconomic policy choices, this would affect the U. The China-led Belt Road Initiative BRI envisions an ambitious infrastructure corridor spanning continents through road and maritime routes.

Baidu, Weibo and Renren: the global political economy of social media in China

Covering over 60 countries, the BRI remains an open platform for new countries to join. This panel invites inter-disciplinary approaches to analysis of BRI. Registration is required.

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Please register here. Please join Richard M. During this talk, Provost Locke will engage Corporation Trustee and International Relations concentrator, Zachary Schreiber '95, to gain insights into his career path and perspectives on the current global political economy and financial markets.