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Louis Public Radio St. Paul Pioneer Press St. Time Inc. News and World Report U. Sep 24th, Daniela Flamini. These fact-checkers are working to bring truth back to war-torn Syria — but they need help. There are 6. There are 5. Syria Verify-Sy. Sep 23rd, Alex Mahadevan. Category: Fact-Checking.

The UN will be fact-checked around the world this week.

Thirty-one fact-checkers from 17 countries have agreed to work together this week to cover the…. Looking for reliable data in French? English-speaking journalists, researchers and citizens from Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa know that, since ,…. Sep 19th, Daniel Funke.

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Should fighting against disinformation be considered an act of patriotism? Fact-checkers from four countries now have a legal guide to face threats and harassment. Fact-checkers from all over the world are harassed and threatened for the work they do. When Facebook shows a map of countries in which its fact-checking program is active, Belgium…. The British Conservative Party doubled a number published by the BBC to make a Facebook ad look better — but was caught by fact-checkers.

Sep 16th, Daniela Flamini. Misinformation researcher awarded for article on the roots of fact-checking. Lucas Graves, a misinformation researcher based at the University of Washington—Madison, has won the ….

Movies to watch at the inaugural Singapore Mental Health Film Festival

Article awards Fact Checking Lucas Graves. S fact-checkers raise their pens. The story…. Sep 12th, Daniela Flamini. A fact-checker predicted which hoax would resurface — and beat it by an hour. Maarten Schenk has studied fake news and hoaxes so exactingly that he managed to predict…. Breaking News Lead Stories Photos. For more information on James Yeo and Core Collective, please visit [corecollective. The Dark Gallery is the first dark chocolate-centric cafe and boutique concept in Singapore, encompassing not only a wide range of decadent dark chocolate desserts, but also providing a discovery platform about the origin of the chocolates used, and the art of making these dark treats.

For more information on The Dark Gallery, please visit [thedarkgallery. Finally, we close the show by reviewing new fragrances out on the market. For this episode, we invited Duncan Brown, General Manager at Shred-it Singapore to discuss protecting your personal data and data security. For more information on Shred-it, please visit [shredit.

Date King #2: Mating Season

Morgan, award-winning documentary filmmaker. We also analyse the updated logos for fashion brands—Burberry and Celine: rate it or hate it?

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau for Esquire Singapore: Video teaser

And we close the show by answering questions from our social media followers. For this episode, we invited Dr. Thomas A.

Morgan, an award-winning filmmaker to speak about his personal leap of faith—leaving his cushy banking career to pursue his passion of documentary filmmaking. For more information on Thomas and Rebelhouse, please visit [rebelhouse. Want to ask us a question next time? Follow us on our social media below.

What do retailers do to make us shop? Why do we get a buzz from shopping? How do men and women shop differently? The feature offers customers a better understanding on how they are using their iOS devices by providing reports on daily and weekly usage. Screen Time will be available when iOS 12 becomes available in September. The cleverly planned campaign was meant to drive awareness around ivory trade and illegal wildlife but was prematurely cut short by a stealth reveal. For more information on Rob Roy, please visit [sot-g.

We also speak to Joshua Dillon about his personal battle with mental health and how music has helped him deal with his depression. For this episode, we invited Joel and Jasper, who brought along their friend Joshua Dillon to discuss mental health and its connection with EDM and the clubbing scene.

Listen to the podcast to find out how to reach out to people that are struggling with mental health, and if you are someone who is struggling, the active steps you can take today to help you on your journey to a better state of mind. Their goal as an online jewelry merchant is to create small pieces that serve as daily reminders to happy memories. For this episode, we invited Varun Mittal—a knowledgeable resource on the latest technologies in FinTech—to discuss his stance and other aspects of blockchain, cryptocurrency and initial coin offerings ICOs.

What is blockchain and is it secure? Are cryptocurrencies here to stay and going to change our lives? We have now introduced a product review at the end of each podcast. This episode, the team sampled a selection of new scents: Les Eaux de Chanel. What are the safeguards to AI?

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Isn't AI only as good as the parents developers? How do we ensure AI reflects both male and female perspectives? Did Drew agree with these results? Have a listen and find out. He had a last minute business meeting. He's an entrepreneur. So civilised.