Learning Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Fedora

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Ubuntu is based on Debian OS. Holding an approximate of 20 million users in its belt it is a. The OS opted depends on the need of the user, if the user expects a stable, high performing server based requisites then the Red Hat is the best option to move for. In case the user sticks with a frequently updated, user-friendly GUI system then comparatively Ubuntu stands well.

So clearly the need of the user affects the choice of OS. This has a been a guide to the top differences between Redhat vs Ubuntu. Here we also discuss the Redhat vs Ubuntu key differences with infographics, and comparison table.

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Or is there a better way to sort that out? Thank you! I am using Ubuntu I am logged in to the console but none of the regular commands such as "dir" "cd" or "ls" are working. I cannot navigate my folders. Hello, I think that my website has been compromised and I want to find out if there were any files modified in the past 24 hours or so. Is there an easy way to do that? Twitter Facebook Hacker News. Share your Question. Your question has been posted! Share it with others to increase its visibility and to get it answered quickly. Share on Twitter.

Full Linux Tutorial: Go from Beginner to Advanced with RedHat Linux and CentOS

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Learning Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Fedora

September 21, I want know what is better, Linux CentoS or Ubuntu? And explain your answer…. Elizine September 22, CentOS is more stable and secure because of that - it always uses stable but older versions of their software. It will be easier.

Ubuntu has a lot more community support tutorials, forums etc. Log In to Comment.

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LuisAlvarado September 9, JOduMonT March 14, You are wrong, you are cherry picking data to support your fanboy narrative. LuisAlvarado January 10, DigitalCarrot September 24, I have used both and am currently using both. Thanks for the comment, I was starting to wonder if I was the only one having this challenge. DigitalCarrot October 16, MooseTheCoder November 11, Woet September 21, Thanks for your input, you must feel better getting that off your chest.

Woet January 10, Not enough to reply to a comment from 3. Each distro is as secure as the guy configuring it.


​Red Hat offers free Red Hat Enterprise Linux to developers | ZDNet

Warzad July 14, BlueCougar December 18, BlueCougar May 16, Not only that, but has anyone tried doing a no-gui install of Windows Server core lately? BlueCougar December 5, Also ubuntu has a very strong backup and their software updates are fast. What can someone with no prior knowledge about the two do?

Every distro has their own package managers. Nothing new. Once a package manager person decides to update the package, it goes to koji the buildsystem and gets built. Every release has its own repository. Fedora is hands-down the best distro for integrating new packages like Wayland to replace X. In function, this will all be its own repo. My personal hope is that this becomes more convenient than tracking these things down on their own.

For example, I can get python 3. As for my other thoughts on Ubuntu: Desktop has nothing to do with server. Canonical gets too much crap for going their own way with things like Unity and Mir. Canonical does some really great stuff, though. But Steam and Spotify are the only programs I know about that are published only as.

Containers are amazing! Ubuntu makes life a pain for development. I guess I respect Ubuntu users for their popularization of the linux desktop and support by software companies, since Steam allowed more gamers to switch - or at least we should acknowledge that SteamOS bases itself on Ubuntu, even though I prefer Steam on Fedora.