Rehearsal for Destruction. A Study of Political Anti-Semitism in Imperial Germany

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Democratic Party in chaos over anti-Semitism resolution

By Frances Sarah Moore. Shortened version appeared in Redbook magazine, , as Wives should not wear haloes. NM: additions. Steel horizon. By Edward Churchill. Edward Churchill A ; 5Dec77; R Danger in Eden. Furthermore, the essays represent an initial attempt to answer the question of whether the European-wide reception of the term antisemitism and the debates on the new hostility observable in all European countries are to be understood as a moment when a European public was formed.

The question is: is antisemitism to be seen as a collective European syndrome?

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Naturally enough the following essays cannot cover all of the aforementioned dimensions of political antisemitism. As already indicated this includes issues emerging from conventional political history, the formation of political parties or political ideas. For Germany, this new cultural historical perspective on antisemitism has been presented in a huge amount of studies. Already in the mid 50s, Hans-Christian Gerlach studied some of these cultural aspects regarding the political antisemitism in Imperial Germany in his unpublished dissertation. Baden, for example, has been studied by different authors, 63 while one of the centres of political antisemitism in Germany, Sachsen, has been substantively addressed by Mathias Piefel in the context of the political praxis of the antisemitic movement.

It shows what use ordinary people made of antisemitic propaganda material and illuminates the antisemitic mentality within the society of Imperial Germany. Our primary interest is to contribute to a European comparative perspective on the making of political antisemitism. Given the huge number of studies on the cultural aspects of political antisemitism in Germany just discussed, it does not seem necessary to add further contributions on the topic in this issue.

Series: American Jewish Committee Social Studies Series Publication

Even German speaking Austria and France have been widely studied in recent years, so that these two countries will also not be taken into account. The essays presented in this issue have been written by various historians at different points in their careers. All the papers have delved deeply into and pondered new archival sources, which have been heretofore more or less disregarded, as they also covered aspects that had hitherto not attracted scholarly attention.

Furthermore some of the contributions present regions completely ignored in historical research on the emergence of antisemitism in Europe until now. As Rumania has been seen by contemporary observers as one of the most problematic countries in Europe, it is presented here by two articles Silvia Marton and Julia Onac. Furthermore, antisemitism in political culture is explored, both in the national context of Russia Theodore R.

The last articles examine the politics of anti-Jewish violence, using the examples of Russian Pogroms of Stefan Wiese and the ritual murder riots in Greek Corfu in Maria Margaroni. A second Gallery offers a collection of caricatures, not antisemitc cartoons but rather caricatures drawn by German and Austrian opponents of. He studied first fine arts and then sociology and philosophy in Hamburg. He completed his Ph. Fields of research are the sociology and history of antisemitism, xenophobia and right-wing extremism and collective violence.

Beck, fourth ed. Ulrich Wyrwa born in in Leipzig. He studied history and philosophy in Heidelberg, Rome and Hamburg and completed his Ph. At the University of Potsdam he finished his Habilitation theses on the Emancipation of the Jews in Tuscany and in Prussia in comparative perspective. Fields of research are the history of consumption, European Jewish history and the history of Jewish historiography as well as the history of Antisemitism in Europe in particular in Germany and Italy. Among his Publications: editor: Einspruch und Abwehr. Together they have published the volume: Antisemitismus in Zentraleuropa.

  1. Rehearsal For Destruction A Study Of Political Anti Semitism In Imperial Germany.
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