Sherlock: Every Canon Reference You May Have Missed in BBCs Series 1-3

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It was in the original plan for Sherlock to try out Mrs Hudson, as well as Molly, as a potential assistant in The Empty Hearse , but never came to pass.

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The Empty Hearse scene in which Sherlock deduces the husband is having an affair was originally written and filmed for A Scandal In Belgravia , but cut, then re-filmed with the same actors and included in series three. The first is the case of the young woman whose online boyfriend disappeared and was revealed to have been her step-father in disguise, a modern update of the story.

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According to Una Stubbs, sales of wallpaper have gone up since Sherlock started. The Jack the Ripper skeleton room was also located in the basement to the building that stands in for The Diogenes Club see above. Arwel Jones built an entire tube car in which to film the bomb scene at the end of the episode. Jeremy Lovering, who directed The Empty Hearse , tried to put that scene in the episode but was overruled.

Director Jeremy Lovering once hid inside a bonfire as a child and was rescued at the last minute. That was apparently a coincidence, not an inspiration, for the plot point of John being made into a human Guy. The shot of the little girl facing the bonfire with her back to the camera was taken from the dress rehearsal because the shoot overran and the child actors had to stop work before the scene was finished.

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Mark Gatiss filmed the parts showing the bomb in the suitcase on the hotel room bed. They got an expert in to make sure the details were plausible. Back in series two, the moment when Holmes stops, then re-starts playing the violin when Moriarty is walking up the stairs to B Baker Street in The Reichenbach Fall is copied directly from film The Woman In Green , feat. Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce.

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The script for the episode originally described Magnussen as like a shark, unlike the original Doyle story which likened him to watching the snakes at the Reptile House of London Zoo. It was then changed to snake, until the piscine Lars Mikkelsen was cast, prompting Moffat to change it back to shark.

The rest of the episode has nothing to do with that story.

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In the lab scene where Wiggins deduces that John has been cycling to work, they had trouble ironing the required creases into his shirt as it was made from a non-iron fabric. The first cut of His Last Vow was around five and a half hours long, including several unscripted moments filmed by director Nick Hurran, such as Watson folding his shirt, and a close-up of some handwriting.

The original Doyle character of Charles Augustus Milverton was based on a real blackmailer, Charles Augustus Howell, a Victorian art dealer who was murdered in mysterious circumstances. Early on in the script was the idea that Mary would be taking violin lessons from Sherlock, which he enjoyed giving, only for her arrive at a different time to usual one week and present her case to him as a client.

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Sherlock: Every Canon Reference You May Have Missed in BBC's Series 1-3

But more is hidden within the episodes for the more serious fans-nonstop hints to the original adventures and the classic films as well. Within this book are all the references, with quotes from the actors and creators, notes from John and Sherlock's blogs, and loads of colorful symbolism.

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