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This presentation will discuss the basics of implementing and administering SQL Server Reporting Services as well as how Reporting Services can be used by the DBA's to assist with their own reporting tasks. The full lifecycle of Reporting Services will be discussed, from installation, administration, and report design. Jason Hall is a solutions architect for Quest Software, specializing in the architecture and implementation of disaster recovery and high availability solutions.

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Jason has also done extensive work in the field specializing in performance monitoring and tuning. Microsoft SQL Server now has a feature called Transparent Data Encryption, which can encrypt your data without any application changes required. But is it the ultimate solution for encrypting your data? This session discusses various options for encryption, including Extensible Key Management, Transparent Data Encryption, and other built-in encryption capabilities. Data collections are a new feature in SQL Server They allow you to collect perfmon, trace or query data to a central database.

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We will start off by setting up and configuring Data Collections. We will look at the default collections and historic reports in Management Studio.

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Jason is active in the SQL community, speaking locally and nationally. In his free time, Jason likes to spend time with his family, produce electronic music and play games. Sean will begin with an overview of the current third-party backup solutions on the market. In the process, he'll show how to evaluate and compare them--what's important, what's not, and how to tell when they're working as designed. He'll also share some interesting history on the SQL Server backup space. In his role at InfoWorld, he's been reviewing the backup products for several years.


We should also come away with how a magazine like InfoWorld conducts its reviews. We'll be trying something a little different this month. Because of a speaker cancellation and scheduling conflicts with Microsoft's first-floor Multi-Purpose Room MPR , we have decided to combine our April meeting with the Dallas.

NET Users Group. The following description has been copied from their web site " Event Detail " :. Viewing changes to a database in a development or test environment under a workload leaves much to be desired when considering how they will look in production. Load testing tools work well, but still fall short of delivering a true picture of what you might expect to see.

Please join us for a presentation on a technique that you can use to understand and view the impact of changes to the database before they are rolled to production.

The presentation will include 1 a case for using this technique, 2 its methodology, and 3 several examples to consider. Lee Everest is a Sr. He can be reached at tsql-northlake dcccd. He has developed applications using all of the versions of SQL Server since then. He was not content to just use simple transformations, he began tweaking the application using Visual Basic and scripting tasks. With the release of SSIS, many of his hacks were no longer necessary.

Russ will be demonstrating many of these enhancements. This new feature of SQL Server allows database administrators to create a set of policies to help you control the configurations of one or more SQL Server installations. In this session, I will discuss the new policy management feature of SQL Server and how the feature may be useful for database administrators. Randy has authored dozens of articles and whitepapers on SQL Server topics as well as spoken numerous times at local, national, and international conferences and user groups.

PASS Website. For more info click here. Details: Please plan to join us on the Microsoft Campus as we celebrate an amazing year of learning. Taking advantage of the ability to spin up parallel SSIS threads according to file workloads can greatly enhance an organizations ability to process large amounts of data as quickly as possible. I started my career in IT nearly 10 years ago and have remained influenced and driven by two particular technology initiatives - Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing. Opportunities for partnership, learning, and innovation will continue to present themselves as we strive to meld people, business, and technology.

I look forward to these opportunities as I am fulfilled by my membership to a scientific community that is driven by the development and execution of technology solutions that enhance the way we live and conduct business. In this fun and interactive session, we'll give you all the best advice you've never heard about pre-interview preparation, typical traps, and the new professionalism. You will start to refine the way you present yourself, tailor your answers appropriately, and learn about our revolutionary negotiating tactics.

Most importantly, we'll quantify the most difficult aspect of interviews: knowing when to keep silent. Sean is also founder and co-owner of the renowned website MidnightDBA. If you follow baseball you will notice that our speakers favorite team the Pittsburgh Pirates has to do more with less to be successful. Working as a consultant, I have also noticed this trend with several IT shops. If you need to improve the performance of your SQL Server instances and cannot purchase 3rdparty tools this session is for you.

I will help improve your performance tuning process while using several free tools. You can find his blog at www. However, it is also one of T-SQL's least understood statements. Most DBAs know they can use It to insert, update, and delete data in a target table in a single transaction, generally outperforming separate statements.

Fewer know, however, that it can be used to load slowly changing dimensions, facilitate auditing, and for many other uses. I'll even show you how to write complex Merge statements with lightning speed. You can learn more about Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, and other technical topics on his blog at Made2Mentor.

But it keeps failing and your application High Availability is in jeopardy, now what?? This session is going to cover some of the important best practices that you need to follow before, during and after installing SQL Server in a Failover Cluster environment along with why they are important so you can build a highly Available cluster solution with no single points of failure.

This is also a great opportunity to welcome all the SQLRally speakers. Come over, introduce yourself, and get to know the speakers, their sessions, and why you should attend them. RSVP to reserve your spot! All SQLRally speakers will be at this event and you get direct access to build personal relationships with them. That's the type of value you can't put a price on, especially considering that everyone is invited whether they attend the SQLRally or not.

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Have you heard of Extended Events XEvents? Has it been hard for you to figure out how to take advantage of that to get a handle on your performance issues on SQL Server? SQL Server has the answer for you! We will also have a look at the new XEProfiler tool that you can use to configure and view results from XEvents. After that, we will dive into some scenarios showing how to use XEvents to troubleshoot some common performance problems on SQL Server.

His primary focus area is troubleshooting performance issues on SQL Server. Topics will include new architecture, advanced usage tips and a demonstration integrating predictive analytics with self-service BI. This presentation showcases the largest custom SQL Server projects in the world.

Finally, AlwaysOn solves this limitation by merging both multi-node Clustering and mirroring. Come see this lively session with extensive demos of setting up, configuring and testing AlwaysOn. We'll also test automatic fail-over using a real web app to see how well that feature works.

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He has been a professional DBA and developer for over 20 years and has run a consulting company full-time for over 10 years. But how do you get that data into SQL Server? In this session we will handle increasingly complex XML documents.

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After an introduction to using the XML Source with a single set of elements, we will look at how to work with multiple element sets. This includes hierarchically structured XML documents. Then we will work through some puzzling problems with XML including documents with multiple namespaces, deeply hierarchical XML documents and the problem of getting information from the root node. Russ Loski is an independent software developer and trainer based in Dallas, TX.

He has worked with SQL Server since 6. Net applications. Currently he is working for Bank of America. NoSQL technologies are growing in popularity, challenging the role long maintained by traditional relational database management systems RDBMSs in data-centric applications.

Through this presentation, you will be introduced to some of the different classes of NoSQL database technologies, explore how they are used to address challenges difficult to address in RDBMSs, and consider what these technologies imply for data management infrastructures in corporate IT environments. Prior to his current role, Bryan served as a consultant and trainer with Hitachi Consulting, assisting a variety of customers in designing, implementing, and supporting database and Business Intelligence solutions.

You'll first learn about the new designer experience and the death of configuration files in Denali. You'll then learn how to deploy and administer packages in Denali. This release is going to be huge and you will not want to miss this session about the differences. He works as President and lead architect for Pragmatic Works and has written thirteen books on SQL Server over his fifteen year database career. In this talk, we will discuss issues that we typically encounter when connecting to SQL Server and how to troubleshoot them, we will look at configuration items, such as Kerberos and how it can impact authentication, as well as connectivity in general.

In this presentation we talk about Central Management Server and how it can help you manage a disperse environment. We will also cover what Policy Based Management is and how you can leverage its power to better manage your environment. With PBM we'll see what it can and cannot do to help you enforce standards in your enterprise.

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We will cover and demonstrate PBM for the beginner from creating and evaluating policies to receiving alerts on policy violations. As recent breaches and disruptions have demonstrated, application security could not be more critical. As the foundation of many of our applications and the stores of our most sensitive data, databases are a prime target.

Still, very few developers take advantage of security features available to them to secure the databases behind their applications. Join Bryan Smith, a Database Technical Specialist with Microsoft, in exploring security features and best practices applicable to Microsoft SQL Server which will allow you to secure your database applications.