The vibration of a layered rotating planet and Bryan’s effect

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Sea-Level Changes. Post-seismic Deformation. Icy Moons. Back Matter Pages It looks at our planet in an integrated fashion, linking the physics of its interior to geophysical and geodetic techniques that record, over a broad spectrum of spatial wavelengths and time scales, the ongoing modifications in the shape and gravity field of the planet. Basic issues related to the rheological properties of the Earth and to its slow deformation are considered, in both mathematical and physical terms, within the framework of an analytical relaxation theory.

Fundamentals of this theory are developed in the first two Chapters. This Second Edition improves substantially our formalism implementing compressibility in viscoelastic relaxation. Chapter 5 now contains new developments in the physics of the gravitational effects of large earthquakes at subduction zones, made possible by new gravity data from space missions. The physics of high-velocity ions in the Hall thruster near-field. Numerical simulation and subgrid-scale modeling of mixing and wall-bounded turbulent flows.

Physics of the atmospheric greenhouse(?) effect

Stable high-order finite-difference interface schemes with application to the Richtmyer-Meshkov instability. The optimal transportation method in solid mechanics. Combined experimental and numerical study of spontaneous dynamic rupture on frictional interfaces. Orbital dynamics of Kuiper Belt object satellites, a Kuiper Belt family, and extra-zolar planet interiors.

A computational model for intergranular stress corrosion cracking. Quantitative characterization of 3D deformations of cell interactions with soft biomaterials. Growth, diffusion, and loss of subsurface ice on Mars : experiments and models. Richtmyer-Meshkov instability in converging geometries. Large-eddy simulation of molecular mixing in a recirculating shear flow. Multilayer impedance pump: a bio-inspired valveless pump with medical applications.

Charge-exchange collision dynamics and ion engine grid geometry optimization. Transition between regular reflection and Mach reflection in the dual-solution domain. A theory of stationarity and asymptotic approach in dissipative systems. Modeling and simulation of axisymmetric stagnation flames.


Detonation interaction with sharp and diffuse interfaces. Configurational forces and variational mesh adaption in solid dynamics.

Contributions to the three-dimensional vortex element method and spinning bluff body flows. Stereo digital particle image velocimetry investigation of a free surface mixing layer. Flow structure in a model of aircraft trailing vortices. Coarse analysis of multiscale systems: diffuser flows, charged particle motion, and connections to averaging theory. Gaseous detonation initiation via wave implosion. Theory of complex lattice quasicontinuum and its application to ferroelectrics. Part II: Extension of Guderley's solution for converging shock waves. Propagating and mitigating uncertainty in the design of complex multidisciplinary systems.

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On the Richtmyer-Meshkov instability in magnetohydrodynamics. Discharge plasma processes of ring-cusp ion thrusters. Vortex Method for computing high-Reynolds number flows: Increased accuracy with a fully mesh-less formulation.

The Vibration of a Layered Rotating Planet and Bryan’s Effect

Robust flow stability : theory, computations and experiments in near wall turbulence. Gaseous detonation-driven fracture of tubes. Constrained sequential lamination: nonconvex optimization and material microstructure. On combustion instability in solid rocket motors. Theory and simulation of passive scalar mixing in the presence of a mean scalar gradient. Compressible vortices and shock-vortex interactions. Vortex formation and drag on low aspect ratio, normal flat plates. Application of steady and unsteady detonation waves to propulsion. Thermomechanical variational principles for dissipative materials with application to strain localization in bulk metallic glasses.

The role of instability in gaseous detonation. A phase-field model of dislocations in ductile single crystals.

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An experimental investigation of Richtmyer-Meshkov instability. Variational time integrators in computational solid mechanics. The relationship between near-wake structure and heat transfer for an oscillating circular cylinder in cross-flow. Variational arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian method.

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Computationally optimizing the directed evolution of proteins. Cohesive models of fatigue crack growth and stress-corrosion cracking. Dynamic failure characteristics in layered materials and structures. Shock wave propagation in periodically layered composites.

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  4. Investigation of large strain actuation in barium titanate. Application of dynamic fracture mechanics to the investigation of catastrophic failure in aircraft structures. Dynamic initiation and propagation of cracks in unidirectional composite plates. An investigation of ion engine erosion by low energy sputtering. Numerical and analytical studies of the dynamics of gaseous detonations.

    An investigation of dynamic failure events in steels using full field high-speed infrared thermography and high-speed photography. Scanning tunneling microscopy and digital image correlation in nanomechanics investigations. Modeling and simulation of combustion chamber and propellant dynamics and issues in active control of combustion instabilities. The significance of vortex ring formation and nozzle exit over-pressure to pulsatile jet propulsion.

    Damage mechanisms in shock wave lithotripsy SWL. Three dimensional finite element analysis of impact damage and erosion of metallic targets.

    The passage toward stall of nonslender delta wings at low Reynolds number. Passive hypervelocity boundary layer control using an acoustically absortive surface. Subsonic and intersonic crack growth along weak planes and bimaterial interfaces. Time-dependent compressibility of poly methyl methacrylate PMMA : an experimental and molecular dynamics investigation. Combustion instabilities : issues in modeling and control. Mixing and isosurface geometry in turbulent transverse jets.

    Three-dimensional cohesive modeling of impact damage of composites. Formation and near-field dynamics of a wing tip vortex. Regularized vortex sheet evolution in three dimensions.

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    On cylinders undergoing one- and two- degree of freedom forced vibrations in a steady flow. The filtered advection-diffusion equation : Lagrangian methods and modeling. Laser-induced thermal acoustic velocimetry. Numerical simulations of combustion instabilities in gas turbine combustors, with applications. A physical-space version of the stretched-vortex subgrid-stress model for large-eddy simulation of incompressible flow.

    Reynolds number effects on mixing in the turbulent shear layer. Vortex-induced vibration, absence of lock-in and fluid force deduction. Shock detachment process on cones in hypervelocity flows. Numerical simulation of viscous reacting hypersonic flow past cones. Failure of laminated composites at thickness discontinuities under complex loading and elevated temperatures. Error estimation and adaptive meshing in strongly nonlinear dynamic problems. On the fatigue behavior of ductile F.